Monday, March 4, 2019

Stepping Out in Faith

Many times in life we desire to change something, whether that be a new job, moving to a new place or maybe "pulling the trigger" and buying a new house. But we say, "Well let's wait until _____ happens, then we will do it." Lets rewind for a second...

When Donn and Cyndie announced that God was calling them back to Charlotte, we spent hours [no exaggeration there] every week discussing the changes that would happen at C1 since Donn would no longer be there. A ministry that was once opened from 9-2pm four days a week, went down to 9-12:30, 3 days a week [Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday]. We did this because we knew that financially we would not be able to sustain a full week let alone a full day. 

Stay with me on this...

About six months down the road we changed that schedule, we opened 5 days a week and kept our hours at 9-12:30pm. Did we have the support to do that? Not really, but we knew that we needed to be open five days and our individuals that we serve needed that as well. 

A few weeks ago we had another meeting about changing the hours. We wrestled with this thought process. 

Can we afford to be open longer? 

Will we be able to drum up enough support to keep us open?

Maybe we should wait until we get more supporters... 

Over and over again we [as a board and staff thought this over]. It was decided, we WILL change our hours; we WILL extend our hours at least two days a week. When has our God let us down? God led us to this decision by laying it on our hearts, we're not going to turn His call away.

Beginning today, our ministry is now open on Mondays and Fridays from 9:00am to 2:00pm and then Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays until 9:00-12:30pm. 

I have a point. I promise. 

This morning, I walked into C1 and greeted everyone with a smile like I do most mornings. I walked over to my husband, who serves faithfully everyday. I asked him, "Did you let everyone know that we are open until 2pm now?" He stated that he had forgot, so I told him, "I'll let him know". I walked around and told everyone. Every single person I told, their face lit up. This one group of guys specifically said, "Really?! Adding Fridays was a huge benefit but now that it is extending hours, I'm excited." A young woman said, "Now I don't have to find a place to go until 2pm before I can go back to the house, I can stay here longer."

C1 is so much more than just a "coffee-house ministry". It is a "home" for all intensive purposes where people are seeking comfort, friendship and to be shown the love & grace of Jesus

Will you take this faith step with us? In order to keep our doors open we need Financial Partners to step up and guide us in this call. If you would like to partner with us monthly, please follow this link HERE, you will be directed to our PayPal. You may choose from the listed  donations or select custom and enter your own donation. 

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Friday, February 22, 2019

How it Feels to be Rewarded by God

Growing up in Gloversville can be difficult. I can say that because I now live in a very secluded village just north of the city but our ministry at C1 fills our days, it is our main focus, our constant -- we know that we are meant to serve at C1 until God calls us away.

The 2nd & 4th Friday [every month] we host the teenagers of the city, we open our doors for two hours so they have a safe place to go where they can be themselves and have fun. 
Some of our Teens playing Pool

I've been a teenager in this city. I would party within the city, walk after midnight to my friends house after partaking in underage drinking. I'm not boasting about my past transgressions but what my past does for me is it allows me to dive right in with these students. They want to be loved, they want to be understood and I want to help them. It may be 11 o'clock on a Friday night as I lay in bed writing this but I am feeling God speaking through me. I felt God say, "Tonight was such a great night Chelsea, I need you to share it with the world"

We had 20 students tonight at Underground. This is our highest attendance since we started it back in June. Everyone who entered the ministry, entered with smiles on their face; running to their favorite activity whether that be the pool table, the WiiU, playing spoons or just goofing around on their phones. At the end of the night, I was getting into our "Big Blue" passenger van to bring some of the teens home and I heard someone [I'm not sure who] say, "I love Underground". 

Tonight, I shared Hebrews 11:6 and spoke about how when we seek God, get closer to Him; we are rewarded; God is our Father and he shows us that he is proud of us through His spirit. I felt that when this teen utter those words, "I love Underground". You know, through all the sweat and frustration that goes into putting on this youth outreach, I know that these teenagers are getting impacted by our heavenly father. They are asking to pray after the short message, and they told me "I want to hear more about that spirit thing". They are the reason why we make sure that we continue to pursue this outreach. We cannot do it without your support. 

I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for current updates. This outreach is open to teens in 6th-12th grade. We encourage local youth groups to promote Underground in their youth group or get your group together and come hang with us. 

Thanks for reading!

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